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So uncharted is a film adaptation of the beloved video game franchise uncharted the uncharted games are one of those scenarios where the games get a lot of praise and they're absolutely deserving of all that praise the one caveat the thing i can say is the first game shows a bit of its age other than that so in this film adaptation we have tom holland as nathan drake and mark wahl berg is sully okay come on and this is the story of how they meet though we saw a glimpse of that in the third game and now they're on their first adventure together to find the lost gold of magellan as a fan of the games let's go into this movie like okay it's not gonna be as good as the games but you know may be we can have some fun and some fun is in here but as for the casting tom holland is nathan drake it's i never fully bought him as nathan drake even young nathan drake i love tom holland as much as the next person i think he's great but it never felt like someone out there was like oh tom holland because we found the best nathan drake possible it felt like all right tom holland's a superstar and it was before spider-man no way home owned face in the box office that's right tom holland great we have him in the movie fantastic and then it feels like the rest of the movie was molded around that one casting decision don't know i wasn't in the room just telling you how it feels it feels like all right tom holland great he's a bit young all right we'll just make everyone young and we'll make it an origin story a prequel well not really it's not really linked to the games it's just kind of an origin story all right we'll have youngchloe frazier and younger sully in which my counter argument would be well the characters in the uncharted series are far more interesting when they're in their 30s than their 20s i mean seeing it as an origin story i don't know that tom hall and nathan drake would grow to be this person this character who has the biggest body count of any video game character on earth don't know what tom holland drake would snap a necki snapped a lot of necks in those games mark wahl berg being cast as sully was absolutely proof that the dare program was a failure because someone out there was high as when

Director:- Ruben Fleischer
Writers:-Rafe Judkins (screenplay by) Art Marcum (screenplay by) Matt Holloway (screenplay by)
Stars:-Tom Holland Mark Wahlberg Antonio Banderas
IMDb RATING 6.7/10













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