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Karthikeya 2


Karthikeya 2 written and directed by chandu munde ti the film stars nikhil siddhartha anubhumaaour country's rich mythology and history is ripe for large-scale adventures director chandu munde ti taps into these facets in karthikeya 2 karthik is adoctor in hyderabad who also moonlights as a person who helps people who are facing problems due to superstitions and blind faith he's proudly rational and gets suspended when he slaps a mayor who is conducting a homum in the icu when his mother asks him to go to dwaraka to fulfill a moku strange incidents begin to occur in the temple town writer director chandu munderty splits his screenplay into two clear paths through animation we see the mythological history of dwaraka on the other hand we see the incidents in the present day he also uses his technical crew to amp up the thrills in this film instead of going for picturesque landscapes cinematographer karthik gatamanen is hoots the thin streets of dwarka with panache as the story moves from location to location karthik gatamaneni's camera keeps up extracting the unique beauty of each location kala bhairava's sound track is also an apt foil for the film's many twists and turns in his short career kala bhairava seems to have a knack of choosing projects that move beyond the typical piano violent soundtracks and karthikeya 2 is no different the other thing about the film that i really liked was the scale of the film if you remember reading comics like tintin orasterix you remember that they all featured a set of oddball characters traveling from one location to another as part of the adventure karthikeya 2 works in the same template even though the film relies heavily on mythology it does not hammer it into your head instead the mythological parts of the story connect the links for the story to move forward of course the film is not perfect for a film heavily dependent on vfx some of the effects look like they were made at amir pit and are shaky at places the first half of the film is also haphazard and takes its own time to pick a pace also there is anupam here who hands it up like there's no tomorrow it was unintentionally funny to see the veteran actor overacting however these are minor grudges in a film that is spacey and doesn't pause for songs or romance nikhil siddhartha is believable as the doctor in constant pursuit of the truth his arc from a disbelieving skeptic to somebody who claims that it's not mythology but history this might have been awkward to pull off but it seems plausible thanks to the actor's earnestness anupama rameshwaran gets to be more than a flower pot and the lens the director uses to film her is classy she was readyand harsha serve up the laughs in this film and thankfully the jokes are not grass special mention also for the actor who plays the silent abhira in pursuit of the leads i couldn't find his name anywhere also I need to make a special mention for production designer sahih suresh who is the main reason the film looks so grand despite its budget director chandu munderty whips up an interesting adventure that merges history mythology and a thriller he keeps the film space moving and does not settle for low hanging fruits to appeal to the galleries even though the film's history versus mythology angle is a little shaky director chandu mandate screenplay is tight and pc it's been a good last few weeks for telugu cinema with sita ramamand bimbisara and now karthikeya 2 itis heartening to know that while most ofthe country's film industries are struggling to draw in crowds telugu cinema continues to draw people to theaters so ladies gentlemen and friends beyond the binary would i recommend karthikeya 2 to a companion yes karthikeya 2 is a film that will appeal to both adults and kids alike it has the right mix of adventure mythology and fun and you don't need to have watched the first part to enjoy this movie

Director:-Chandoo Mondeti
Writer:-Chandoo Mondeti
Stars:-Nikhil Siddharth Harsha Chemudu Darbha Appaji Ambarisha
IMDB Rating:-8.6/10




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