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 x centers around a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural texas but when the reclusive elderly hosts catch them in the act the cast find themselves fighting for their lives I consider myself a fan of ty west's work-in particular the house of the devil and his segment in vhs i thought was really great as well but he hasn't done a lot of horror in recent years and after x I think he needs to do a lot more horror because this film was absolutely amazing x is just such a refreshing new original slasher in the genre and it's probably one of the better ones the more original ones at least in recent memory when it comes down to just the straight up horror in x it completely delivers crafting this extremely interesting story with great themes that go along with this major bloodbath of nasty bloody gory kills in the film these kills here they are pretty nasty the gore is pretty top notch but it doesn't always take itself very seriously with its kills and that's something that i appreciated it as it knows when to be serious and when to play up some of this goofy stuff for laughs it feels very much like that classic feel from these sort of horror films in the 1970s not just because this film is set in the 1970s but it has that look and feel to it it feels very authentic to the time period and just the sheer attention to detail in the mixing of sex and terror much like a lot of films from that time in that era one of the major standout things to me and the way that the film created horror intention is just the way that we edit this film i think this has some of the best editing i've seen in a horror film in a very long time way that we spliced together all of these different scenes to build all that tension i think that was brilliant that was a great way to utilize just the time period and also just to be very unique surprisingly this is kind of a bit more of a mainstream horror film than like an art house horror film like a24 usually is known for doing which i do think some people will be very happy to hear because a lot of the time when it comes to a24 and horror films you think of the cliché a24elevated horror and a lot of times those don't really satisfy mainstream general audiences and i think that x is definitely in the category that mainstream audiences are going to enjoy it does still indulge in being a slow burn affair at first setting up the setting and our cast of characters attempting to shoot this adult film but the film is paced pretty perfectly when it comes to building up all that tension and then throwing in these twists and turns while we also get to know these characters better usually in these slasher films you don't really care about any of these characters you really kind of just they're there to be killed off by whatever villain is in the slasher film i actually quite liked most of this cast before all of the killing starts and we just are shooting this pornographic movie i found myself quieten joying this cast of characters because they're just a very extremely charming group and they're written so well with such variety and most of them have such a great sense of humor i laughed a bit more than i expected to considering the situation of filming this pornographic film gorilla style with not the grace equipment even the sex scenes them selves are kind of played for a more comical tone than you would expect in a film like this i mean the van in the film is literally called ploughing service it hough that was hilarious to go along with the subject matter though i do think the film has some very interesting themes.

Director:- Ti West
Writer:- Ti West
Stars:- Mia Goth Jenna Ortega Brittany Snow
IMDB Rating:- 8.2/10




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