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Director H Vinoth was anticipated to recite an changeable story that feels like a comber-coaster lift. First effects first. He does not do that. 'Valimai', despite all its strengths, trods the beaten path in terms of story line. But where it shines remarkably is in terms of action choreography. The action stretches bristle with stunning chases. There are baddies falling off their high- end bikes in their noble attempts to catch palm from the jaws of defeat. This Tamil- language original's Telugu- dubbed interpretation had a contemporaneous release moment. Set in Vizag (it's Chennai in the Tamil interpretation), the story is about how far ACP Arjun (a redoubtable Ajith Kumar whose staid performance is infectious) can go to keep the megacity safe for the poor and middle- class. He's so righteous that he wants to rebuild the lives of his captures as important as he can, at his own expenditure. That way, he's a Gandhian whose heart bleeds at the study of youths getting wayward hellions. The story gates into this aspect of his personality just before the interval to deliver a sucker punch. Tollywood actor Kartikeya Gummakonda plays the antagonist, whose sweats to terrify civic residers in his pursuit of a fortune are hovered by Arjun's brainpower and madcap. His characterization felt routine in the film's caravan, but the film holds a bit of excitement at least. His gang is called Satan's slaves; it's as if he's a cult leader who knows how to promise a Cockaigne and ruin the lives of the innocently void, jobless youths. Indeed as he laughs his way to the bank, Arjun and his coworker Sofia are a step ahead. The pre-interval block and a couple of other action sequences are atrocious. The term 'adrenaline rush' will be heard in the environment of 'Valimai', especially because Nirav Shah's cinematography, visualization, and scale have come together to deliver a dekko. Prabhas'2019 film 'Saaho' was propped up as the bone that would review the slick action kidney in terms of visual scale and choreography. Whether 'Valimai' is the bone that will set a new standard is commodity only time will tell. This isn't to say that 'Valimai'is a indefectible film. When it turns to psychodrama, the pace not only slackens but also undoes a bit of the goodwill it acquires else. The pre-interval twist (or should it be called a bare disclosure?) is old-fashioned and nothing shattering. The last fifteen twinkles or so do not use Ajith's knack for showing variation as an actor because of the way the tense scenes are offered. The handling time is too important as well. Perhaps, some of the parts should have been temperamental. The editing pattern could have been more well- rounded. The antagonist and his gang of devilish counter culturists are sophisticated culprits who do not feel to show important empirical angst. The jotting should have been way more credible. The conflicts within the police department could have been portrayed in an inventive fashion.

Director:-H. Vinoth
Writer:-H. Vinoth
Stars:-Ajith Kumar Huma Qureshi Kartikeya Gummakonda
IMDB Rating:-8.1/10














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