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  The king's man


kingsman director matthew vaughn is returning to the franchise for the third time Vaughn also co-wrote the screenplay the movie is set in the days and months before world war one as the duke of oxford ray finds desperately tries to keep world peace alongside england's king george oxford's son conrad played by harris dickinson defies his father's wishes when spoiler alert world war one does break out all as a shadowy organization of some of history's worst villains including rhys ephons as rasputin tries to sabotage all attempts at peace to bring about chaos and yes as the confusing name would indicate the king'sman is a kingsman prequel but it's also more than that and i think that might be the biggest flaw that the film has every40 minutes or so it sort of transforms into something new it starts off as an alternate history retelling of the origins of world war one and then it kind of goes into a gripping world war one drama and then transitions again to the sort of over-the-top action-adventure finale we've grown accustomed to for this franchise it's like matthew vaughn had three different ideas about what to do with this movie and instead of picking one of them he just decided to do them all this is usually the downfall of a movie but the king's man somehow makes it work and I think it's because these three different pieces are first of all relatively self contained and secondly all really work on their own terms the first part of the movie really does belong to the character of rasputin played by rhysefons and you don't really get much larger than life as far as historical figures go then rasputin which really gives iphone's license to go absolutely crazy and i really like this trend that we’re seeing in the kingsman franchise of hiring great actors like reesefons orjulianne moore or samuel l jackson to be kind of the showcase villain in your movie.

Director:-Matthew Vaughn
Writers:-Matthew Vaughn (screenplay by) Karl Gajdusek (screenplay by) Mark Millar (based on the comic book "The Secret Service" by)
Stars:-Ralph Fiennes Gemma Arterton Rhys Ifans
IMDb RATING:-6.8/10

















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