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 The Privilege


This movie is about years after his sister's tragic death finn is increasingly haunted by nightmares and demonic visions what his family dismisses as psychotic break downs due to childhood trauma feels ever more real to him as horrific events around him begin to escalate he can no longer pretend that it's all just in his head so this is a mix of environmental sci-fi and supernatural with some mystery and then some slight horror thrown in the lead character of finn is painted from very early on to be an unreliable narrator making it hard to determine if everything that we experience is really happening the movie opens with a very odd scene and also introduces us to some menacing looking imagery within like the first minute or maybe even less we're shown the shadowy or smoky entity that torments some of the characters and while there's no explanation for this at the beginning i mean that makes sense because it is the opening sequence there is a lack of explanation that continues throughout the film which then becomes a little bit problematic as finn goes about his days he has many different weird and traumatic experiences and I personally really like how the story sets him up to feel isolated even within his own home his parents are concerned and doting but it still feels like there's some gas lighting from them going on now there's some pretty obvious foreshadowing that happens pretty early in the story but its full meaning isn't revealed until much later and i like the intrigue that this creates but i do wish that it could have been more concealed from the narrative because the instant that that info is given we can get a pretty good idea of where the story is going to be going the crux of the movie rests on finn and his two friends try ingto figure out why finn sees some weird stuff and then what it could all mean I mean that shadowy thing that appeared at the opening of the movie continues to make slight appearances throughout and each time it increases the intrigue to a little degree and then that mystery is amped way up when finn discovers something odd in part of his daily routine now i think this is where the story begins to pick up the pace and then gain a little bit of urgency maxs chimel fenig who plays finn is really good at being confused disturbed and fiercely protective his friend lena is played by leah von achen and she brings a kick butt attitude to the story now while finn is constantly gaslit lena is decisive and action oriented and they make a good team and i i like their chemistry now unfortunately though the story feels like it's trying to cram the supernatural aspect into the sci-fi story the environmental sci-fi portionis grounded in reality and it can actually be fairly disturbing in what it means for all of the characters with in the narrative and there's this deviousness that's also touted and it hought it was pretty engaging but it really needed to go deeper within the story there are only glimpses of the rationale and ramifications for this portion especially where a couple of characters are concerned plus when there are some reveals associated with this element there's no wait given to the moments they're briefly touched on and then the story moves on.

Directors:-Felix Fuchssteiner Katharina Schöde
Writers:--Felix Fuchssteiner Sebastian Niemann Katharina Schöde
Stars:--Max SchimmelpfennigLea van Acken Tijan Marei
IMDB Rating:-4.6/10













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