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  The Lost City


The Lost City that movie starring sandra bullock and channing tatum today we're gonna talk about it if you guys like this review let me know drop that thumbs up down below so a reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model gets swept up in a kidnapping attempt that lands them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure gonna start with the rating as always just in case you want to take your family this is rated pg-13 forviolence some bloody images suggestive material partial nudity nothing too sexual and language i will say it is one of the more family-friendly pg-13comedies but i do think 13 is a good age and you've seen the trailer Sandra bullock channing tatum daniel radcliffe brad pitt in this movie oscar nunez fromthe office it's a really good cast I also uh did enjoy the story line with davine joy randolph's character she makes that storyline because she' shilarious but the storyline i cared about the most was of course that of bullock's character who is a struggling writer now not with her success right people love her books they are obsessed but she's trying to figure out okay where do i go from here there is aback story there that back story has a little something to do well actually a lot something to do with this lost city but we don't get to that lost city without this kidnapping taking place by daniel radcliffe and his squad of individuals there is a motivation there for him that they kept trying to shoehorn in and make me care about wasn't really caring about that as much all i wanted to see on screen was the chemistry or you know if it doesn't workout the lack thereof between tatum and bullock but thankfully they're so good together man and i mean oh my god they are complete opposite sandra bullock she's like the straight no nonsense i don't really care what this guy's doing over here it is not the type of guy I see myself going on an adventure with channing tatum he is so he's what you expect in this movie but he takes that energy and he puts it into this character that is almost the exact opposite from what we have seen him play in the past he has the physical stature and the physicality as a whole he just doesn't really know what to do with it because he's not that kind of guy so like i said their personalities are opposite but when they're both placed in this jungle situation neither of them have any idea what to do now brad pitt's character he comes in and does help out and for me it is that chemistry it's the back and forth moments between the two that make the movie they give you investment into the story into their characters and you know seeing them get into situations that they have no clue how to get themselves out of there were scenes that go for the emotions and yes it's cliché the music kicks in and you can always tell where this movie is going by its music cues that for me is like an early 2000s romantic comedy they do not stray away from that in the least bit in this film but what they also do is they also try to put the focus on maybe a bit too much on this treasure hunting story and even though there is a bit of a spin on it I found myself not caring near as much about all of that as i was caring about just focusing on these two characters the escape from the clutches of harry potter of daniel radcliff who played the villainous presence in this movie and at first i'm like well he's not really all that threatening right I guess he's not trying to be but he's not threatening me so why would they feel threatened but then they kind of establish who his character is and jealousy that he has for his family the fact that he's almost like a spoiled rich brat who's doing this and i'm like you know what actually fits the role really well and i'm kind of glad they cast him in the part it was a complete180 for me though it took me a bit to get there but when they're running from his character and his henchmen and every time he would flash back to them that's what i really enjoyed about this movie.


Directors:- Aaron Nee Adam Nee
Writers:- Oren Uziel (screenplay by) Dana Fox (screenplay by) Adam Nee (screenplay by)
Stars:- Sandra Bullock Channing Tatum Daniel Radcliffe
IMDB Rating:- 6.8/10














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