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  The Long Night


what is it with dewy-eyed eyed couples and staying in decrepit houses in the remote nature well it's obviously commodity to do with the fact that no bone under the age of 30 who is not a counsel can pay rent in the big metropolises that or we laboriously want to be targeted by spookyruraland that is exactly what happens to scouttaylor compton and nolan fung by the aesthetics of effects in which rags deals the long night going by its lately released caravan cut together to gearingly abstract effect the long night finds the youthful brace staying in a big spooky house in the middle of the forestland in the old unforeseen stomping grounds of mate drain taylor compton the quiet weekend takes a crazy intimidating turn when a terrible called and the phenomenon leader come to fulfill anapocalyptic vaticination the caravan does not reveal too important so we are not entirely sure what is climactic about it all but it does look like there is aquasi-dream sequence or get this is it real when grace's baby is cut out and abducted by the cult veritably rosemary's baby taylorcompton best known for appearing as ballot heroine laurie paraded in robzombie's halloween reboot duology is considered commodity of a loki laugh queen in september of last time she was asked how she felt about the new new halloween reboot starring the original paraded jamie lee curtis and whether she'd have liked to return to the part herself it would have been amazing to do further i suppose that was the plan firstly she says continuing you

Director:-Rich Ragsdale
Writers:-Robert Sheppe Mark Young
Stars:-Scout Taylor-Compton Nolan Gerard Funk Kevin Ragsdale














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