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  The Kashmir Files


Thirty-one times a gone, 1990 to be precise, half million Kashmiri Hindus were ethnically sanctified of Kashmiri Valley by despoiling Islamic gangs. Brutal murders and rapes followed. Indeed a judge of the Srinagar High Court was shot in broad daylight. While the also Kashmir Chief Minister, Farooq Abdullah, fully renounced his responsibility, maybe one should say intrigued with the gangs, Kashmiri Hindus had no option but to leave or stay back and die. Numerous failed in squalid camps and utmost moved on with their lives with pitiable skimp support from the Indian government, picking on their lives and hoping one day to go back to their homes — the homes where their ancestors survived six earlier genocides. Indeed after 31 times, indeed after junking of laws that greatly contributed to this genocide, India has no result to bring them back because it has demanded the courage to face the reality of Islamist fundamentalism and the courage to strike terror structure. Worse, their story is hardly ever bandied openly in India indeed after 31 times, while any minor incident particularly that would portray Hindus in poor light turns into a high rattle crusade. Filmmakers Vivek Agnihotri and his woman, Pallavi Joshi, have decided to change that. They've done what India has not done for 31 times — to show the real face of Kashmiri Hindu genocide in their film, The Kashmir Files, which is presently screened across numerous metropolises in the United States. The breadth and range of its content of Kashmiri Hindu genocide in the film indeed while being gentle to the capacity of the followership to take, is a feat by itself. This movie couldn't be possible without enormous meticulous exploration, but that's only one part of the story; how to take that and weave into a story to tell the verity, nothing but the complete verity in all its aspects, takes chops and one has to deeply respect Vivek and his platoon on their miraculous work. The movie deeply touches you, it touches a raw whim-whams, wakes you up from your deep slumber. The film is the story of Kashmiri Hindus, but is also the saga of all Hindus and maybe all bedeviled societies of the world — whether it's Jews by Christian Germany, Christians in Turkey by the Islamic Ottoman conglomerate, or the native persuasions of Americas and Africa by Christian West and methodical destruction of Muslims and their countries by Western deep state moment. More importantly, it's the story of Hindu India, maybe the most brutalised societies of the world by fundamentalist Abrahamic persuasions where according to some estimates 80 million decomposed; it's the story of how a small community held on to its culture in malignancy of enormous travails; it's the story of the fountainhead of the most profound Hindu study that began in Kashmir that still is a lamp to all humanity; it's the story of spineless Indian governments and their whitewashing stations because they warrant courage to face the reality. It's the story of what happens if a society isn't prepared to stand united and fight the brutal barbarians, trying to assuage and negotiate with those who have nothing in mind other than your destruction. It's the story of Hindu autocrats who have hardly learnt any assignment — from Prithviraj Chauhan releasing Mohammed Ghori and was latterly killed at the first occasion, to the current BJP leadership like Ram Madhav who during his recent New Jersey programme boasted that the Centre could attract millions of callers to Kashmir while it couldn't get many Hindus to live without fear.It's the story of our political leadership contending with each other for nonage conciliation and pandering. It's also the story of immolating our dogfaces in the process of barring terrorists, but lacking courage (from the administration, bar, et al) to get to the root cause of terrorism. It's a nonstop saga of death and destruction of the most advanced civilisation which is on its last thread of stopgap. Either it gears up to survive or be prepared to be decomposed in the not too distant a future. The Kashmir Files is a movie that needs to be shown to one and all. It’s a memorial to the pitfalls the Indic civilisation is facing and how it’s time we acted in a more bent and forceful manner to deal with the pitfalls it's — and has been — facing.

Director:- Vivek Agnihotri
Writers:- Vivek Agnihotri Saurabh M. Pandey (additional screenplay & dialogue)
Stars:- Mithun Chakraborty Anupam Kher Darshan Kumaar
IMDB Rating:- 8.3/10













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