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 The Burning Sea


Focusing on a Norwegian off the norwegian coast a bunch of oil drilling rigs seem to be causing a mass just shift in the bottom of the sea floor and all of them are sinking into the ocean and you have this researcher and her partner trying to get to one of these rigs to save her boyfriend and this is from director johnandreas anderson who is able to you know deliver a really quality disaster film here that balances the human elements the thrills the special effect sand it's a really effective film and you have this solid setup of sofia and her connection with her co-worker Arthur and you feel their connection you feel like some kind offondness and love there and then you also have sophia and her relationship with stan who is her boyfriend and his son odin cause norwegians had to have an odin here I was waiting for a thor but we didn't get one um but you have them and this company that she works with and he's a oil rigger for and they start to realize some of these crazy things are happening and it the film's able to balance some pretty impressive emotion there's definitely some scenes where you feel it the actors are really committing to these performances and it's rawand it uses some nuance in the formula that you get from like evil corporations

Director:-John Andreas Andersen
Writers:-Harald Rosenl°w EegLars Gudmestad
Stars:-Kristine Kujath Thorp Henrik Bjelland Rolf Kristian Larsen
IMDb RATING:-6.2/10














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