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 The Batman


The Batman is directed by matt reeves and stars robert pattinson as bruce wayne and batman zoe kravitz as selenakyle and paul dano as the riddler in this film bruce wayne has been prowling the city streets of gotham at night as batman for two years he's pretty new to the job and the police don't really trust him yet although gordon played by jeffrey wright has developed a friendship with him and when dead bodies begin to show up with cryptic clues left by a serial killer calling himself the riddler batman and gordon team up to try to solve this case a few years back I kind of stopped doing the whole like my most anticipated movie of the year thing but part of me thinks that if i were still doing that list the batman would have been the number one matt reeves has never made a bad film I love clover field i loved his let me in remake and both of his apes movies I think he's one of the best filmmakers working today and i'm so glad he's working in the studio space because he's making really interesting and bold dramatic films out of what someone else might have just looked at as a pay check picture i've also been pulling for robert pattinson for many many years i thought he was fantastic in so many films namely my favorite movie of 2019 the lighthouse so when he was cast as batman i was ecstatic i thought it was a fantastic choice despite what many people on the internet keep doing over and over again who have not learned their lesson ever they just keep doing it the batman is absolutely fantastic it's a three hour movie that felt like two it's very much as advertised reeves has talked extensively about how he wanted to make a detective movie that felt like film noir that had aspects of david fincher movies like seven and he succeeded with flying colors even though batman has definitely investigated cases in the past in movies like mask of the phantasmor the dark knight it's never been shown to this extent reeves is meticulous in how he depicts batman's ability to solve crimes and the tech that he uses that I won't spoili thought was brilliant i've never seen it done before in a batman movie it was an ingenious way for batman to tabulate everything that he was investigating the choice to make the riddler essentially the zodiac killer is also very smart because if you look at real life true crime someone like the zodiac who left ciphers and clues and toyed with the policeis essentially the riddler and although he will always have an affinity for jim carrey as that character this really brings the riddler down to earth and makes him feel like someone that could feasibly pop up one day.

Director:-Matt Reeves
Writers:-Matt Reeves Peter Craig Bob Kane (Batman created by)
Stars:-ZoŽ Kravitz Robert Pattinson Paul Dano
IMDB Rating:-9.1/10














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