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 The Tender Bar


it's about a little boy growing up on long island without a father figure so we see his coming-of-age story throughout his youth with many different father figures including his uncle played by benaffleck so is the tender bar worth a watch let's talk about ben Affleck because i think that he is the main reason why you would  want to watch this movie because he is quite fantastic and the reason why i like him in this movie is that his character gives really real advice you know when you're talking to your kid and you're talking about like oh yeah you can make it jimmy you can be the best soccer player in the world you just got to keep trying ben Affleck doesn't go down that route he goes you know what kid you suck at sports why don't you find something that you' reactually good at maybe like writing do you like to read of course i like to read well then maybe you should become a  writer and it's very real advice and some people might think of it as rude or ruthless especially to a child but you know what his advice especially throughout the entire movie it really helps him out in the long term.

 Director:- George Clooney
Writers:- William Monahan (screenplay by) J.R. Moehringer (based on the memoir by)
Stars:- Ben Affleck Tye Sheridan Daniel Ranieri
IMDB Rating:- 6.7/10















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