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Telugu film named rx100 and how the hindi remake starring ahaan shetty and tara suthare is going to stir a lot of contestation due to the social themes that the film focuses on with numerous publications getting uncomfortable formerly about the dynamic that has been showcased in the film i suppose it's safe to say that twitter is going tohave a field day mentioning everything that they find wrong about the movie. The telugu film starring karthik and pyleraj cell has its addict base resolve some were absolutely engaged in its liar especially due to the brilliant script of the alternate half and others who just plant the film to be loud and introductory in its narrative idefinitely lie in the former order who was relatively impressed by both the themes it was willing to talk about and the violent performances of both the main leads tadap sorely is the classic case of how to butcher a remake a film that you could have fluently remade scene to scene but the sanitized interpretation and the stark catering that it does actually takes down from the core that made rx100 so popular without giving anything down about the plot tadap focuses on the love story that blossoms between the characters of ishana and ramisa played by ahan shetty and tara sutharyare spectively this is grounded on the real events that took place in the life of aman by the name of siva ishana works with his father in a movie theater business and also represents ramisa's father who's working in active politics a character played by kumud mishra as ramisa returns back from the uk and has her eyes set on ishana the love commences only for it to take a deep dark turn that ishana and presumably the observers who haven't seen the original film noway anticipated getting right in to it then is me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can eventually decide whether to watch tadap in theaters or not the good the music i absolutely fell in love with the music reader of this film i had twittered about this when the film's first look had come out that the only way that tadap can stay in the memory of the hindi movie followership is if the music of this film is comforting and representative of the theme of the film.

Director:-Milan Luthria
Writers:-Rajat Arora(screenplay) Ajay Bhupathi(story)
Stars:-Ahan Shetty Tara Sutaria Saurabh Shukla
IMDB Rating:- 5.7/10














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