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i am loving it from the story to cast a plot to the oste specially the opening one to cinematography if not for controversy this would have been major hit in korea too there isn't a single actor who is ruining the drama or cannot act also ripkimmisu snowdrop is like watching new movie every weekend it's so unpredictable and new and keep viewers engrossed in it this was really unexpectedly interesting plots the surroundings the intense panicked atmosphere in danger in each breathe the hostage situation was really interesting there are so many unexpected scenes in the middle which are funny and make viewers laugh okay but jazoo this doesn't seem like a rocky actor material she was born 4k dramas and i am living for it how could anyone be this good for their first lead role i am speechless she has promising future ahead in acting she got balls to pick up heavy and layered character as her first role unlike others she portrayed every emotion accurately I could feel every one of them i didn't even feel i was watching jazoo like I forgot it was her i am so proud of my girl here i am also happy that people are recognizing her acting and praising it there wasn't one scene i felt oh she needs to work on it and if you still think she isn't good enough or so then I must say you are biased and no one can help it and i advise you to go argue with the wall i am so relieved that he I m was her first co-star like i have watched his dramas he is all cute and gentleman and them like a romantic king chocolate boy and he seemed same at the start of snowdrop when he was smiling at jazoo and how he bought her tape and then boom i was so shocked to see him dp and snowdrop really showed his versatility this man can do any role and still slay he is one of the few k actors that can truly act any can pull of many character she can easily outshine many known air listers i always wondered why doesn't anyone talk about him and it broke me as this man got potential we really don't know anyone's identity here and it's interesting also about romance where it is they are just betraying each other and it's driving me crazy we can't really see that suho cares about her okay there were so many situations that explained this he doesn't want to hurt her jtbc really be making us clowns saying romance but yes still half drama is remaining so make sure to watch it I really wanted to hate suho at the start of that hostage situation but my man was looking as fine as anything in black and those looks he was giving to young girl in middle just broke the hell out of me like it's so sad that they can't live as normal couples they both can't help it and that's what is driving me crazy they are helpless why do i think it all will be over even before their relationship start we got a shed tears it's really complicated i really wanna slap bun okay some times but practically her acting is great also does dr kang love suho we never know i don't want a love triangle in this situation drama still got so many things to unfold there's miss pie there's bun okay her sister and her background those agents love story and maybe a new couple there's so much more i can't remember also yoon chang soo he already lost his one child now i want jazoo to be safe you can't bear child loss i really wanna slap jazoo's stepmother though i mean she is so fake it makes my blood boil this drama gives it mystery vibes also this dramas bts are so cute and sweet we can see the closeness of the staff and how comfy they all are with each other being goofy we are already half way through the drama and it's so sad that it's gonna end we were all so happy at the start desperately waiting for more than a year and now it's gonna end crazy how we all get attached to series and when it ends we feel like our world collapsed la mayo saturday and sunday won't be same after snowdrop ends also sorry to any of the jesus future co-stars you will never matter to me as much as he ian does i will literally cry if netizens doesn't recognize this drama actors have worked so hard and it all will go in vain we literally can see in bts but yes netizens are slowly taking it in a positive way and let's be positive and continue to watch and give love to snowdrop and its family

Stars:-Jung Hae In Jisoo Kim Yoo In-Na
IMDB Rating:- 9.0/10















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