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Shamshera that releases at the box office this week directed by agnipath fame director karan malhotra starring ranveer kapoor vani kapoor and sanjay dutt this period saga is a story of decoys set in the 1800s the story follows a decoy tribe and their fight for independence against the british rule the film grabs your attention from the first frame itself ranveer kapoor delivers a mesmerizing performance in a double role so does film's villain sanjay data lower caste tribe called khameerans helped the rajputs against a historical battle and then found a place called kaza to settle down the leader from played by ranveer kapoor is conned by the british into finding a place that they can call their own and is killed by the british in a sly trap that they are historically famous for the hameerans were doomed into slavery until shamshera's son must find a zadi for ranveer them gets a role to shine in he shows his acting prowess pathos and expressions kalari payatu and other martial art forms in action scenes and humor it's a role taylor made for him as it required a lot of heavy weight lifting in terms of performance ranbir strivers the show with the variety of expressions and a Diaspora of looks and impact it's a ranbir kapoor show all the way indian third only indian hand can clean sanjay in the role of singh is a hysterically laughing villain here who's blood thirsty and does not bat an eyelid before mercilessly beating up the hamerans he calls them keraa makora dirt filth the anger and vengeance of which is unknown and unexplained given that he himself is Indian queen his arc nemesis though in the form of bali played by ranbir is calm and confident featuring elaborate set pieces immersive camera work and melody tunes of mithune specially the song fethur i was quite absorbed in the picturesque visuals shot by cinematographer ania goswami the film is made for the big screen and often gives a feeling of competing with ss rajamouli cinema it's a brave attempt as the film does take a leap in terms of scale and shot taking if the reports of 150 crores as an investment into the film is true then it surely shows the scenes with vani kapoor are more glamorous than authentic as the modern clothes and the associated scenes take away from the 19th century palette of the treatment the film shines in the climax as one of the most ambitious trained robbery scenes is attempted reminding us of doom experience it's a film that's soothing for the eyes and also is lofty in its scale the ones who love a big screen experience with mellow drama and some great action this one is meant for you however there were underwhelming scenes that prevented the film from becoming more wholesome and logical.

Director:- Karan Malhotra
Writers:- Khila Bisht (story) Karan Malhotra (Screenplay) Piyush Mishra (dialogue)
Stars:- Ranbir Kapoor Sanjay Dutt Vaani Kapoor
IMDB Rating:- 7.4/10




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