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25 years after a streak of brutal murder shocked a quiet town of Woodsboro California a new killer dawns the ghost face musk and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town's deadly past his is the premise of the film the synopsis and if you are scream friend I mean i think there are lots of screen fans out there i think this movie i i really can't judge if this movie is for you or not i mean of course you have to watch it you are a scream franchise fan and i think scream is one of the most popular horror films at least the thriller ones i'm not talking about paranormal horror but when it comes to the slasher thrillers i think scream is one of the most popular franchises out there along with Halloween

Directors:-Matt Bettinelli-OlpinTyler Gillett
Writers:-James Vanderbilt (screenplay) Guy Busick (screenplay) Kevin Williamson (characters created by)
Stars:- Neve Campbell Courteney Cox David Arquette
Release date:-January 14, 2022 (United States)














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