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   Runway 34


What really changes when you're directing behind the camera and also acting on screen in the same film in runway 34 ajay devgan tries to strike this balance and it's the director who makes a perfect wharf in this visually immersive aeronautics drama with aeronautics dramatizations it's the exhilaration factor and visual spectacle that the director creates which promised an edge of the seat experience Ajay’s rearmost managerial runway 34 lands impeccably in these departments the film is inspired by true events from2015 when a doha to kochi flight had a narrow escape after facing difficulties to land at the field due to bad rainfall and low visibility still at numerous places you would also notice several correspondences to Bollywood flicks like sully and flight yet runway 34 succeeds as a gripping story and a great cinematic experience in the history also bollywood has churned out poignant upstanding dramatizations like knee jaw airlift bell bottom ordnance and sexier the kargill girl but runway 34 is one of the finest so far in terms of its specialized strengths spectacular vfx camera work and indeed direction indeed though there are not any what is going to be coming moments the film engages you right from the first scene and keeps you immersed as the story builds on and trueness unfold the story revolves around captain vikrant khanna played by ajay devgan and first officer tanya albert kirki played by rakul preet singh who faces the wrath of an disquisition and interrogation by narayan vedant played by amitabh bachchan following a may day call they make before landing an aircraft in turbulent conditions and risking the lives of 150 passengers whether or not the aviators would come out clean and justify their decision is what forms the crux of the story darling the director's chapeau one further time ajay does a brilliant job he's a great story teller i must say further than being concentrated on acting with runway 34he creates an immersive experience at no point he wastes time in decorating his characters with useless details be it his own as a professed cool yet arrogant airman who is over confident about his moxie or rachel preeth as a flattered yet spookedco-pilot Ajaya’s straight down dives into the incident that happed and takes you on a trip thousands of bases above the ground also the in-flight scenes upset passengers due to turbulence pressure in the cockpit while taking opinions have all been captured well and remain the high points of the film ajay dedicates an entire fun half of the movie to this side of the story before the dialogue heavy disquisition and trial takes over post interval and further characters are introduced runway 34thanks to the exhilaration it creates 35000 feet up in the sky without bringing any dispensable romantic angles indeed joining the scenes inside the aircraft it's intriguing to see how the passengers are a blend of what we typically see on a flight a crying baby an ailing elderly citizen a middle-aged man who wants to enjoy free drinks on board then we also had an aeronautics intelligencer and a youtuber played by ajay nagar carryminati who played himself on board the flight landing all events on his phone while i felt they would have some substantial pass in the due course of disquisition it was a bit off when the characters did not make any circumstance again or added to the story in any way runway 34 is around 2 hours and 30minutes long but it noway appeared stretched for the story is extremely crisp and vulnerated completing it's asim bajajs pectacular cinematography and score that adds to the intensity of the story and noway digresses ajay devgn delivers inversely well as the actor but i would still like to lord ajay the director for runway 34. As the airman floundering to make a safe wharf and keep his pledge of saving the passengers ajay shows the right quantum of pressure and calm and in the trial room being interrogated he speaks indeed with his silence there are a couple of scenes you see him getting emotional to when those i felt added to the depth of his character and not made it look one-dimensional ruckle preet as a youthful airman looks enough satisfying in livery while her performance noway disappoints her character's sketch could surely have been more fleshed out there's only so important you see her doing on screen and you anticipate commodity is amiss amitabh bachchan as the probing officer is as strong as stern as it gets and by now we've got used to him talking in a heavy voice while questioning people so runway 34 also reminds us of numerous courtroom dramatizations that bachchan has been a part of also you have bama irani angiradharakangsha singh having lower corridor and not important attention is paid to how they contribute to the story still they do their corridor well in the sprinkle of scenes to add up runway 34 keeps you occupied and makes you feel the turbulence while you're seated comfortably it's edgy presto paced engaging and serves you a big screen cinematic experience that would not fail

Director:-Ajay Devgn
Writers:-Sandeep Kewlani (dialogue) Aamil Keeyan Khan (dialogue)
Stars:-Ajay Devgn Amitabh Bachchan Rakul Preet Singh
IMDB Rating:-8.5/10




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