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Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1


180 minutes long the film manages to stay engaging for the most part and never makes sitting through the film tiring it's a character-driven story and the director needs to be lauded for effectively establishing the character of pushpa whose growth couldn't have been handled more satisfyingly the only minor issue is that the hero who's meant to win in the end like in most stories has nothing to lose which sort of makes him invincible in the film's multiple antagonists powerless the protagonist's fortunes begin to change as he rapidly begins to gather money and power through his never back down approach while other wood cutters drop the hall and run at the sight of cops push the refuses to back down hest ands his ground and outsmarts the cops when the cops round up the smugglers and threaten to open fire unless they surrender the protagonist leads the first offense encouraging the others to follow him the women in this tale however firmly remain within the grasp of stereotypes the female lead gets a promising introduction but along the way she loses her independence and happily settles at the feet of pushpa the makers of the film did not release the music video of saman tha's track online before the film's release but a lyrical video was
released with a few stills from the song the lyrical video was enough to get fan scarious about her appearance

Writers:-Sukumar(story) Srikanth Vissa(dialogue)
Stars:-Allu Arjun Fahadh Faasil Rashmika Mandanna
IMDb RATING:- 8.0/10













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