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Prey is directed by dan trachtenberg who made 10 clover field lane and is the latest film in the predator franchise this is the origin story of the predator  in the world of the comanche nation 300years ago where naru a skilled female warrior fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly evolved predators to land on earth predator is one of the all-time greats it's one of my favorite action movies ever it's one of my favorite movies period i watch it at least once a year alan silvestri's amazing score Arnold carl weathers it's just too good to be true predator is so great and even though i really have a soft spot for predator 2the other predator movies never really did it for me so every time i hear they're working on a new one i get excited while also being simultaneously terrified prey is very different and not just because it doesn't have the word predator in the title i don't know what they would have done after predator predator 2 predators and the predator it's like where else do you go from there but putting the focus on the comanchenation taking guns for the most part out of play taking technology out of play this is just a brilliant idea and I think that it's exactly what this franchise needed i really enjoyed this movie i don't know if i liked it as much as 10 clover field lane but as far as predator sequels go this is probably the best i mean the only competition it has for me is a movie that i'm very nostalgic for predator 2 and if i'm going to be like kind of objective about it it's better than predator 2. it's not just about taking something back to basics where that certainly is a strength what makes this movie so entertaining for me is the fact that I do care about the characters and the fact that dan trachtenberg clearly has a love for the predator franchise or at least the first movie and he understands what makes that movie so great it's just about suspense and action and building it properly and understanding where a character is emotionally in a moment and connecting with them while something is hunting them or they're hunting it and that's really all you have to get right and so many predator movies have not understood that and this movie gets it but it's also very clever in that you have a character naru who doesn't have any of the technology that the predator has and the predator has things that she doesn't have and you would think that that would immediately make the predator be superior and in many ways strength wise of course it is but for naaru she doesn't have any of the amazing technology that predator has and she can use that against the predator and so that dynamic i thought was really fascinating this movie has a great message in that it's not about strength it's not just about physicality and even the first predator movie that movie had the exact same message and a lot of people don't realize that because they see big oiled men with biceps shooting in the woods for three or four minutes and they don't realize that the whole point and the whole reason predator is so great and so scary is not just because it's really entertaining but it's also saying look all of these men with their perfect athletic bodies are just being killed one by one by a superior being all of the macho in the world cannot save them from this thing so it's no surprise to me this movie works because it understands that it understands that it's not just about showing someone who you would think would be really good at killing a superior alien intelligence in the first film arnold has to ditch all of his modern day stuff cover himself in mud and fight the predator with sticks and leaves and in this movie you have characters doing the same it's just different and i really enjoyed it it hink it's great there's a few scenes in the movie that are all-time predator scenes for me i've seen the movie twice now and there's a scene in a burnt forest with ash every where you guys know what i'm talking about if you've seen it that was one of the most badass things i've seen in a predator movie i loved it so much there were a few times though where the rules of what the predator was doing didn't 100 track for me and there's also a sequence where a character gets knocked unconscious in the middle of something pretty tense and someone else apparently carries them all the way back to their village and then returns to the fight and the whole timeline of what exactly happened there doesn't really make sense to me there's little moments like that throughout the movie where it seems like there's a bit of missing information i think this movie is exactly what the predator franchise needed it just had to do something different and honestly this is what i would like to see moving forward i don't need to see a continuation of various characters throw the predator in various timelines just have that tear through people and all kinds of weird anything could happen with this timeline and i really really like what they did with this movie it is unfortunately on hulu i say that because i really wish i had seen this in a theater i have no earthly idea why disney chose to not release a new predator movie in a theater.


Director:-Dan Trachtenberg
Writers:-Patrick Aison (story by) Dan Trachtenberg (story by) Jim Thomas (based on characters by)
Stars:-Amber Midthunder Dakota Beavers Dane DiLiegro
IMDB Rating:-7.2/10



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