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We are talking the brand new sony slash marvel movie starring jared little that is morbius no spoilers in this review even though they're they're everywhere on twitter so stay away biochemist michael morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease but he inadvertently injects himself with a form of vampirism instead for all of you parents out there this movie is rated pg-13 for intense sequences of violence some frightening images and brief strong language not as strong as maybe expected i will say the imagery could be a bit scary for some so maybe a bit stronger on the pg-13 side but along the same lines as a lot of the other marvel films so jared leto and the comic book genre they've just not worked out i like jared leto the guy's done some incredible but he just never got his opportunity to shine as the joker other than maybe one scene in zack snyder's justice league now he gets somewhat of afresh start with sony pictures and their venture into this darker side of the universe and i say that even referring to venom right venom was i guess a bit darker than what we know from the spiderman movies but it focused on the humor more so than anything else and i'll say this i actually enjoyed let there be carnage is it a perfect movie no but i had some fun with it so i was going into this with a little bit of enthusiasm even though part of me was like i just don't know what the movie's going to be walking out the very first thought i had in my head is this movie is a missed opportunity because and this is where we hit on the positives there are a lot of things to like from the deep dive into the science of it all even though he is spouting out a bit of mumbo jumbo at the beginning of the film he's like the flim-flam is connecting to the shmoopy and it's not flipping enough flubaland like what well michael morbius is a scientist at his core he's also a person who makes it his mission to help other sand that is something that the movie does a good job of establishing at the beginning the kind of caring man that he actually is there's also a relationship with matt smith's character in milo they have this friendship that is hit on at the beginning thanks to a flash back not really given much after that but it is almost the the basis of what the entire film is about and those two have a relationship with jared harris's character a relationship that wasn't really fleshed out you get a tiny bit at the beginning and a tiny bit at the end that's it there are a lot of wasted characters and i'll say it again missed opportunities in this movie when it comes to hitting on those characters its what makes them tick and just how these relationships made michael morbius the manor vampire that he is today let's talk about the vampire stuff because i talked about how the the science aspect of it was at least interesting there's also the vampire-ism element of the film that caught my curiosity at the beginning i'm like if they could dive into this even deeper then i would probably enjoy that one that this movie's going for dark can be gruesome right the action scenes there are actually a lot of really cool elements with the action scenes the use of sonar has to be the coolest element of the entire movie those were the moments when the cgi worked extremely well for me and just to showcase of his powers the power set in general it's a sweet character now is it a sweeter character being used as a side character as opposed to the main character in his movie probably and that's probably going to be the case when we see him next because this very click he and sloppily edited origin story skimmed the surface of so many interesting themes and topics but never not once did it dive into anything that it's set up for us at the beginning of the movie it's a lot of setup in the first act and here's this character here's my mission here's what i'm trying to do here's the relationship between myself and my friend a bit of a romance in there that is barely hit upon throughout the movie.

Director:- Daniel Espinosa
Writers:- Matt Sazama (screenplay) Burk Sharpless (screenplay)Roy Thomas (Marvel comics)
Stars:- Jared Leto Michael Keaton Adria Arjona
IMDB Rating:- 4.7/10














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