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Moonfalls stars patrick wilson halleberry and john bradley as a mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit around earth and sends it hurtling on a collision course with life as we know it in jeopardy from director roland emrick the director who gave you probably every disaster move you can probably think of independence day 2012 day after tomorrow10 000 bc and that hidden gem 1998 godzilla so with this movie i walked in saying give me just a disaster movie with the moon coming down destroying earth give me what you're just good at basically of course beginning with the positives though is patrick wilson halleberry and john bradley these three together are know what kind of movie they're in patrick wilson is the astronaut badass who can fly the ship he knows what he's in john bradley comedic humor knows everything that science about this movie knows just everything he's that character halle berry has the support of family needs to get home to her kid she is the person that get this whole thing running these three actors keep the characters in part because this movie has none but these three together you enjoy them and then of course roland emerick gives us those big big scenes of just cgi fest which when it is in the moon and it's in beside the moon all the cgi and this black space alien thing attacking them it's all really fun to look at there's good sound design good sound mixing there is fun to be had in this kind of movie theater experience if you go see an imax rpx dolby what ever that is this kind of experience

Director:-Roland Emmerich
Writers:-Spenser Cohen Roland Emmerich Harald Kloser
Stars:-Halle Berry Patrick Wilson John Bradley
Release date:-February 4, 2022 (United States)














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