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 Maharani 2


 Maharani set in the late 90s maharani follows the ongoing battle for the throne of chief minister in bihar season 2 picks up eight months after the events of last time where we met housewife and homemaker rani bharti played by huma qureshi rani's life was flipped upside down overnight when she was forced to assume the position of chief minister after her husband the current cm was shot and gravely wounded she found her feet as an uncompromising cm and fought corruption in a don't underestimate the power of a common woman story she eventually found out that her husband pima bharti played by soham shah was never the righteous fight for the little guy leader he appeared to be but was actually just another corrupt minister involved in one of the country's biggest scams thus forcing sitting cm rani to have her own husband arrested and put behind bars damn yo bloody few eventful weeks for rani bharti this lady be needing cocktail sand a freaking stay cation after that am i right if season one was about rani's rise to power origin story of coming into her own and learning how to navigate the ugly world of politics season 2 is about protecting that seat as we dive into another turbulent election circus with rani going head to head with opposition leader naveen kumar played by the always excellent amit sial and her own husband bhima bharti who is now out of prison and hungry to reclaimand his thorn this time around ravindra gothamtakes the reins from karan sharma as director giving us a far bigger more ambitious season clearly they've thrown a lot more at the show after the success of last season between its cd violent world power hungry characters and some crackling dialogue bazi and imaginative insults and an undeniably entertaining underdog story of a female leader putting men in their place maharani too has much going for it with all the base elements for a thrilling ride but for me it never quiterises above competent and watchable to become the kind of show you want to shout about it's never not engaging but i was never entirely invested and lost in it for one much like the first season despite writers subhash kapoor nandansingh and umashankar singh's best attempts the show's exhausting spirit defeating 10 episode run time and gradual pacing certainly don't do it any favors when will show makers realize that a 10 hour narrative is something only the greatest streaming shows can pull off i can think of maybe four indian series that have really earned it after a point my brain just switched off and it felt like i was just ghosting through the monotony and the repetitive blur of backstabbing scheming plotting and beyond there's also something unsatisfying about how the series lands it's big moments the big reveals character deaths twist turns and cliffhanger bombshells all make sense on paper but rarely grabbed me and never felt quite as impactful as you'd hope and i kept trying to understand why perhaps it's because we've seen this world and narrative so many times now from so many different angles and seen it done better that this series just doesn't back the punch it hopes to maharani is less lifeless than tandev and more competent and coherent than ashram but it doesn't quite have the brazen unapologetic guilty pleasure excess of inside edge or the deliciously memorable characters or urgent rip roaring thrills of mirzapur but maharani's performance is too much to battle the monotony here mukesh chhabra works his magic once again with a talented cast of heavy hitters giving us slimy schemers and manipulative ministers of all shapes and sizes in particular kanye kushrati as rani's right hand kaveri vinit kumar as minister gauri shankar pandey and kumar saurabh as rani's power-hungry brother sannyasi stand out amongst the expansive ensemble as the consistently underestimated disruptive to the point of self-destructive cm huma qureshi's unconvincing accent takes some getting used to but that aside she brings a formidable commanding swag and an almost gangster-like energy to rani bharti particularly in the numerous scenes where we see her putting men in their place someone please green light a haseena parker like huma qureshi led gangster crime law drama quick times imilarly as opposition leader naveen kumar one of my favorite actors amit sial continues to make every show he's in better with his very presence no one plays but also humanizes the bad guy we love to hate quite like he does but the mvp this season was soham shahas bhima bharti for me this was his season to steal all the way as the slimy opportunistic politician who's as charismatic and inspiring and oddly endearing as he is ruthless and unpredictable it's entirely to soham's credit that right to the very end we don't quite know how to feel about him as you'd expect maharani end son an exciting cliffhanger that leaves you genuinely intrigued to see what happens next but the idea of another 10episode slog to find out makes me want to lie down while already lying down we're telling the same lawless brutal power-hungry heartland story from different angles mirzapur is gangsters with politics in the background ashram is corrupt godman with politicians and gangsters in the background and maharani is politics with gangsters and corrupt god men in the background is that bringing diversity and different perspectives to storytelling about a particular region or mainly recycling the same rehashed elements i don't know you tell me would I recommend maharani 2

Creator:-Subhash Kapoor
Stars:-Huma Qureshi Sohum Shah Amit Sial
IMDB Rating:-7.8/10



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