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 Looop Lapeta


One of the most attractive aspects of cinema, is its capability to manipulate time. Unlike life, pictures can flash forward, flashback wards and move in slant, resemblant and indirect ways. And through this movement, reveal the megrim, randomness, asininity and woeful comedy, of being alive. Or, as Satya in Looop Lapeta puts it.‘Life badal jaati hai Savi, all it takes is a day.’Looop Lapeta is the story, of that one life- altering day for Satya and his mate Savi. But like the three Os in Looop, we see three performances of the story and how the choices the characters make, have a butterfly effect and shape the outgrowth else. The film is an adaption of Tom Tykwer’s ground breaking 1998 film Run Lola Run. But debutant director Aakash Bhatia adds enough twists and characters to stretch the one hour, twenty-one twinkles of Run Lola Run, to two hours, eleven twinkles in Looop Lapeta. And therein lies the irk. Aakash is a master hairstylist. His distinctive visual language has been established in announcement flicks for brands like Puma and Budweiser. Aakash plays with angles, lenses and colors, like a child with play doh, creating frames that palpitate with energy and curiosity. Which makes him the perfect fit for this material. Run Lola Run is a riotous mix of live- action, vitality, instant renewal, black and white, disunited defenses, slow stir and flash- frames, held together by dazing editing, techno music and a attractive leading lady with flaming red hair Aakash tips his chapeau to Lola, by having a woman in the same outfit and hair, bump into Savi in a summerhouse, in the ultimate half of Looop Lapeta. The story is scattered to Goa. The introductory frame is the same, like Manni in Run Lola Run, Satya is a good-natured, amateur miscreant, who botches up a job. Manni had to find Deutschmarks in 20 twinkles. Satya needs to come up with50 lakh rupees in 50 twinkles. Like Lola, Savi must do what ever it takes to save her swain, which includes sprinting to far flung places, soliciting her father for cash andaiding Satya in fortified thievery.
Every choice she makes impacts the outgrowth of their story and not all consummations are happy. Run Lola Run is a shot of movie-adrenalin. Like Lola, the film is in perpetual stir. It throbs with ferocious style, dazzles us with its audacity and is over before we know it. Looop Lapeta struggles to achieve the same buoyancy. Substantially because Aakash andco-writers Vinay Chhawal, Ketan Pedgaonkar and Arnav Vepa Nanduri add too important to it, starting with a back story forSavi.In an animated sequence, we're told why Savi runs as presto as she does. It’s clever and effective, but it also feels like an outtake from Rashmi Rocket, in which Taapsee also played arunner.In other words, it’s gratuitous. Aakash, DOP Yash Khanna and product contrivers Pradeep Paul Francisand Diya Mukerjea createan eye- popping world.

Director:-Aakash Bhatia
Writers:-Aakash Bhatia(Writer) Puneet Chadha(additional dialogue) Vinay Chhawal(Writer)
Stars:-Tahir Raj Bhasin Taapsee Pannu Shreya Dhanwanthary













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