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 Jurassic World Dominion


So jurassic world dominion is the third jurassic world movie or the sixth jurassic movie depending on how you want to look at it jurassic park and Jurassic world is kind of like lord of the rings in the hobbit you can see them as two trilogies in and of themselves you can see this one six part saga funny enough with the jurassic movies though there is a consistent diminishing of quality as it goes on but in jurassic world dominion it's essentially two movies been fused into one i actually looked up is this directed by two different people because there are moments where the shot is kind of brilliant and the action sequence is framed up it's pretty intense and other shots where it's just choppy as i'm like this is two different people also the plot itself is two different plots fused into one movie on one hand you have the old band getting back together I an malcolm alangrant ellie sattler and dogson is working with the you know the rival company of injen and he's doing very nefarious things a super rich big organization amassing wealth off of a global epidemic we've never seen that before not in our world anu anyhow so you have the old man gets back together to try to find dirt on that organization but also what do you do with bryce dallas howard chris pratt and the clone girl from the previous movie she gets kidnapped so now they got to go after her so you see how it feels like two different movies though they both do tie into the same organization I feel like in the jurassic park movies there was a concept where it's it's essentially executed like a disaster movie i mean the first jurassic park movie is a few different genres wents plat and fused together and we're talking as 10 out of 10 for every genre it hits it's a masterpiece and it's acomplete and total classic but they had the concept of executing it like a disaster movie but when the disaster becomes normalized that's when jurassic park dies and in the jurassic world movies will the disasters become normalized it's no longer oh if dinosaurs get out there there's a super scary thing we can't let that happen we got ta escape the dinosaurs well now in this world there's dinosaur black markets and well dinosaurs are just out there they'r ecoexisting with people they'r ecoexisting with nature as we know it these two worlds been fused together it's just kind of people are just rolling with it imagine the movie sanandreas i'm picking a disaster movie at random out of my head sanandreas it islet's say sanandreas got a sequel but it wasn't a disaster movie anymore it was a kidnapping movie and it's just people navigating this messed up coastline that happened in the previous movie it's just it changes the dynamic which is essentially me saying Jurassic world dominion it's a kidnapping movie where the parents got to get the kidnapped kid back oh side note there are dinosaurs in that world that adds a complication and now we're navigating this inferior and far more boring version of the jurassic park world I will say this there were moments of tension that actually did land with mein this movie i mean it comes from a shitty part of the real world or as real as twitter can make it it's the backlash that chris pratt gets from his religious beliefs i guess i'm not on twitter that's how it came across to me but the point is in terms of twitter hollywood chris pratt's religious beliefs not really what they did all this is to say when chris pratt was running from dinosaurs i was like is this the moment they kill him off is this some i don't know so that actually led to some tension in this movie in ever knew if he was going to live and that was it was surprising not every day i can watch a dinosaur chase a lead and not know if the lead's going to make it uh rest of the movie quite boring but i'm just going to say it's way too long because there's two movies wrapped into one it also like jurassic park three has hit that grade b mark where it's like this is just this is monster movie cheese but the grade b cheese like all these huge bug sare on fire and they're flying and they just remain on fire for the longest time i'm like how long can you bugs be on fire and live also how long can your wings be on fire and function in the end i'm sure i've seen worse movies that feel like two movies fused into one doesn't mean i gave a about this one it's kind of fun seeing the old band back together that's kind of the point of having them in here but in the end the movie is a forgettable monster movie that lost anything that made it special in the first place well actually i gotta say credit where credit's dude the las tit wasn't called the last act it was like the last part of the last act there's some fun dino action in there they commit to their grade b monster movie dip shittery but you know some fun dino stuff too a little too late though kind of feels like the last mile of a100 mile trip it's like whoa we just hita race track better late than never glad you woke up and came out to play but it's kind of weird i'm done at this point

Director:-Colin Trevorrow
Writers:-Emily Carmichael (screenplay by) Colin Trevorrow (screenplay by) Derek Connolly (story by)
Stars:-Chris Pratt Bryce Dallas Howard Laura Dern
IMDB Rating:- 6.0/10





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