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 Jayesh bhai Jordaar


Let's talk about Jayesh bhai Jordaar that has released this week at the box office a young man in some village in Gujarat is born to parents who are obsessed with the varis a male heir he already has a nine-year-old daughter but as they say (phali galti to maaf hoti hai) so they are happy with the daughter after five forced abortions that they had called miscarriages here is the sixth waiting to come but will it be jai shri krishna good news or jai mata di bad news the fate of the child lies in her gender Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a jordar satire a sharp witted comedy a very entertaining film well-performed cinema and great hysteria as the film's crisp screenplay and really funny dialogues tear you through a roller coaster ride laden with shocking societal boundaries poisonous srituals and some fresh breath of air of humble sweet revolt that has neither enmity nor blood involved all with as mack of love and respect a joint family in a small village in gujarat has traded their daughters in marriage like a barter you hit my daughter in your place i smash your daughter in my house it's some kind of a ritual that's still prevalent though to control domestic violence or rather we say increase domestic violence the scenes were shocking and painful but relevant and true the young boy Jayash played by ranveer is a dual personality timid enough to brazenly say yes to every unreasonable rule that his father puts on women of the village as their proxy punch this character is adorable the script elaborates the recently made art form that says is stuck a soft-hearted man in a body that is required to hit women abuse them kill an unborn child his struggle to not be what his father wants him to be while keeping his father in good faith is heart warming cuties to ranveer saying for such a soulful portrayal as seen in the trailer the protagonist turns the onus of producing a male child on its head and implores society to not pressurize the women to deliver a male child as the onus actually lies on the man himself directed by debutante thakker the film has teared clear from any regular view of gujarat no stereotypical dresses or music or particular gujarati accent some golden scenes there too women sitting in a circle to vent their emotions the need for love if children were so happy being cuddled and loved why are adults only into making money and material stuff when women are killed the country is left with villages with only men who yearn for a woman's presence but oh they are all killed the film touches at various levels in a scene ratna pathaksha burns the Berea with the fire of the dia of the pooja ke thali symbolically saying that god is willing for the poisonous rules to be burnt the film has ample scenes to make you laugh cry and clap hysterically Boman Irani in the role of the patriarch of the family is so impressive he lends his face to a gruesome reality through him you start to hate this ideology that says testosterone is important for survival success and supremacy in society it's a family watch a fresh breath of air in the genre called satire

Director:-Divyang Thakkar
Writers:-Anckur Chaudhry (additional screenplay) Divyang Thakkar
Stars:-Ranveer Singh Shalini Pandey Boman Irani
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10




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