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 Gangubai kathiawadi


Gangubai kathyawadi begins with the sounds of berham akhtar singing mirza khalib's iconic ghazal ye nathi hamari fortune which sets the tone for poetry and pain this is a film brimming with both in the life of a coitus worker who thrived in the by-lanes of kamathi pura in the 1950s director sanjay leela bhansali finds contentious feminism joy brutality heart break and unsparing courage he tells her story with dramatic flourish riche stir gorgeous illustrations and always abruised beating heart the character of the coitus worker has a favored place in sanjay's cinema these broken beautiful women who refuse to be confined by their circumstances epitomize his brand of heightened melodramatic tragedy think of rani mukherjee as gulab in savariya who says wrong by writing her own fortune she comes from an rich family her father is a barrister unfortunately she also has a grand ambition to be in the pictures and a nut who betrays her and sells her to a cathouse for 1000 rupees gangu ends up standing in a door way waving guests but her enterprising defiance and determination enables herto find another kind of stardom and ultimately indeed gets her an followership with high minister jawaharlal Nehru gangubai kathiawadi is approximately grounded on a true story from the book cabal queens of mumbai written by hussein zeddy withjane borges gangu's chapter is only around 30 runners which gives sanjay andco- script pen utkar shaneevashishta ample room to embellish at one point hussein writes although gangu wasn't the most seductive girl in her cathouse men spoke endlessly about her chops in bed but alia part ravished substantially in white sarees radiates beauty as does sanjay and art director palab chanda's interpretation of kamathipura mumbai's notorious red light quarter becomes abustling lively mahala filled without sized personalities like the don raheem lala a stage- heft for kareem lalawho gangu makes her family or gangu' sarch-rival razia There are thoroughfares lined with movie theaters and various hoardings in one scene the electricity goes off and the coitus workers stand outside holding candles calling guests it's abreath taking visual which of course contradicts the atrocity of their circumstances but to charge sanjay and dop sudeep chatterjee of making the ugliness aesthetic is like criminating rohit shetty of defying the laws of drugs and graveness and sense it's a given it's what you subscribe up for what takes this film beyond the strictly composed beautifully lit hand slb frames is the thumping liar in some of his flicks like savariya or ghazarish sanjay creates breathless her metically sealed worlds which feel peopled by ideas rather than meat and blood beings but gangubai kathiawadi throbs with old academy psychodrama and dialogue bazi when gangu talks about herself and third person saying gangu chand the or chand he rahegi you cheer for her when she introduces herself to a intelligencer asgangu by courtesan you hail when sitting with high minister nehru she quotes sahih ludhianvi from porch saying you incontinently tear up these chapeau tips to the golden period of hindi cinema

Director:-Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Writers:-Sanjay Leela Bhansali (screenplay) Prakash Kapadia (dialogue) Utkarshini Vashishtha (dialogue)
Stars:-Alia Bhatt Abhinay Raj Singh Ajay Devgn
IMDB Rating:-5.2/10














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