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i'm going to start my review of anurag Kashyap’s new film Dobaaraa by sharing a few dialogues from the film here are lines that characters say to each other jo bol rahi ho sounds implausible that's not making sense a (mujay nahi samaj aata yai parallel universe) as i watched I thought these people are echoing my sentiment seven within its own logic Dobaaraa is a muddle and sadly it's also middling the Dobaaraa means again or repeat in hindi but it also means 2:12 a time at which intriguing things happen like the title the plot lines in the film have several iterations the main event is that antara a nurse who has just moved into a new house in pune goes back in time to save the life of a 12 year old boy ani an old television set and this geomagnetic storm somehow enable them to connect over timelines but as we know no good deed goes unpunished so antara remains the same but her life changes dramatically including her partner her profession and her child is the official remake of the 2018 spanish film mirage that film was co-written and directed byoriol paolo who also wrote and directed the invisible guest which was remade in hindi as badla which also starred tapsi pannu paolo clearly has this talent for twisty genre films i thought like if i don't watch the original i could fully experience the thrill and suspense of the remakes but my strategy is not working like butler Dobaaraa isn't half as clever as it thinks it is now look time travel by design requires a greater suspension of disbelief the writer and the director have to performa sort of magic trick almost it has to grip us enough so that we don't start asking questions Dobaaraa is sprinkled with references to films and makers who mastered the art of time travel in the movies at one point a character says(tum future say aayho terminator kay jasay) in a scene unaware is a t-shirt that has the terminator's iconic line i'll be back and there is even dialogue about christopher nolan nihi bhave who's written the adapted screenplay attempts to weave many threads into the narrative there's parallel universes and varied timelines within those universes there's murder flawed marriages infidelity and he also has to fit in dialogue like (is duniya say us duniya mai jaanay ka portel kholna us kay haat mai nahi hai) no surprise that this proves to be an impossible task the plot is fantastica land convoluted and the only way it can work is if the characters and the emotions are strong enough to make us invest in it which doesn't happen tapsi delivers a competent performance as a reluctant time traveller wife and daughting mom so do pavel gulati as the investigating officer and shashvatha chatterjee as the dodgy neighbor but the most notable character is antara's husband played by rahul bhatt rahul's freight good looks and exhausted manner infuse a much needed comic edge into the film the characters and the camera and Dobaaraa are in constant motion it rains a lot there is thunderous suspenseful music composed by gaurav chatterjee and shore police and there's even a countdown antr a has to set things right before the portal closes and yet nothing in the film really feel surgent i had described anurag's last film choked also written by meh it and shot by sylvester fonseca as the director in minor key after all this is the artist who's delivered blistering audacious films like gangs of wasipur gulal black Friday even his lesser films have passages that explode with energy and ambition his biggest failure bombay velvet is amass but it's an unrelentingly fascinating mess this is not a filmmaker you can accuse of being banal except perhaps with this film dobaaraa is so generic that it just feels like anurag is on auto pilot i hope with the next one he gets his groove back so this was my take on

Director:-Anurag Kashyap
Writer:-Nihit Bhave
Stars:-Rahul Bhatt Saswata Chatterjee Shashwat Dwivedi Tapsi pannu
IMDB Rating:-2.9/10



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