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Dhaakad which has been directed by rajneesh raj ghai and it stars kangana ranaut and arjun rampal tarkir is the kind of action suspense where someone in the reverse room tells the field operative commodity like this dragonfly this is ringmaster it's the kind of movie where the promoter suffers stabbings and 10000 pellets and indeed being picked in the casket only to survive each time it's the kind of movie with latex masks and a variety of disguises in short it's the kind of movie that's generally made with a melee and at least in proposition and decades after vijay shanti it's good to have a woman remonstrating some serious butt onscreen the target is a mortal trafficking ring and the detector is a lullaby that's frequently used to induce a sense of pungency into the proceedings it does not work which is the big problem it comes across more like a inelegant jingle in the middle of a schwarzenegger movie marathon on television so what went wrong the film after all looks spectacular it has been shot and designed so beautifully that i wished i had watched it on a big screen i saw a screen or copy the tattoos on the villains the interchanging color schemes of red and green and unheroic during a big battle sequence the sissy costumes the brilliantly arranged action the artful spurs of blood everything has further color and further personality than the script which is just a collection of shibboleths thrown together we feel we've seen it all ahead and the pens do nothing to tweak these shibboleths and take the narrative into really dangerous and nail- smelling home now imagine this imagine a variation on leon the professional right where a hitman takes in a little girl and she learns his trade why not try commodity like that given that this film too has kangana ranout expressing reticent maternal tendencies towards a little girl as agent agni kangana does her stylish with a character defined more physically through action scenes rather than psychologically there is an entertaining scene where she overpowers a road pincher and pats him on the impertinence like am other admonishing a rather poorly conducted child in a café she begins to make out with a foreigner and also changes her mind which suggests that the character has issues with closeness there is another scene where she gets wounded and as vengeance she stabs the bad joe a dozen times in a matter of forevers which is the closest we get to a real character particularity as a child someone noticed this in kangana someone noticed that kangana had so important wrathfulness in her that she demanded to be tutored how to harness this wrathfulness how to keep it in check now this nearly makes her sound like one of thosex-men who have those powers that need to be kept like in check right and you wonder why this line didn't form the base of a character throughout the film or maybe indeed behind the scenes had she conducted all that wrathfulness at the pens she and wemight have ended up with a better script and a more effective movie so that is it about Dhaakad

Director:- Razneesh Ghai
Writers:- Chintan Gandhi(story) Razneesh Ghai(screenplay) Rajiv G. Menon(screenplay)
Stars:- Kangana Ranaut Arjun Rampal Sharib Hashmi
IMDB Rating:- 4.5/10



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