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   Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2


Do you know that in the latest Anees Bazmee movie two strangers who have only met a few hours ago hatch a plan that can put their lives at risk well that my friends is the crux of bhool bhulaiyaa 2 starting karthik aryan kiara advani taboo sanjay mishra and rajpal yadav is not a sequel to the akshay kumar and vidya balan stara bhool bhulaiyaa we suggest that you detach yourself from the oog if you want to enjoy this mad mad world letting go of the original film's psychological thriller angle bhool bhulaiyaa 2 is a horror comedy the film opens with an elaborate scene of a baba doing jhaar phook to lock manjulika the ghost in a room terrified family members gather around to watch the ritual because why not it's only a bhoot yaar bring out the popcorn cut to 18 years later where we meet ruhaan karthik aryan an unemployed boy who hails from a rich family after his father passes away all he does is travel sometimes to Gujarat just to fly kites or to banaras to just eat some pan on the other hand we have reet kiara advani who plays this girl who knows nothing about the city she spent four years in all she does is goes to college and back to the hostel imagine that's all she did because her father who lives in another city is very strict and she doesn't want to upset him as luck would have it reet and ruhaan cross parts in the most expected way possible come on guys here you get zero points for creativity (audience ko kuch to do yaar) ruhaan convinces her to attend a music festival but tragedy strikes when the bus they were originally on meets with an accident the film picks space when ruhaan and reet hatch a plan to fool the latter's family because reed stumbles upon a secret that affects her loved ones what's bizarre about the whole incident is that ruhaan who barely knows reet decides at the drop of a hat that he is going to help her out after all (24 ghantay mai to log chaddi baddi bani jaatay hai naa) the door stays at the haunted hawali from which the entire family fled since manjulika was locked in one of the rooms when reet tells ruhaan's stories about the house and the childhood she spent there we get to know that reet believe (is ghar mai koi bhoot hai nahi) or manjulika doesn't exist when reach family learns that the haveli has once again come back to life all hell breaks loose the members are brainwashed by ruhaan into staying in the house once again and then resumes the eerie activities and if this is not enough wait for ruhaan's transition into rhu baba a person who's supposedly blessed with magical capabilities to interact with ghosts well some of the instances are hilarious the twist in the end may not blow your mind but it definitely lifts the film imitation is a form of flattery and akshay kumar should feel very flattered karthik aryan tries to wipe akshay kumar's dialogue delivery which will lead to some laughs but you will only bere minded of akshay with a solid tighter screen play bhool bhulaiyaa 2 a 2 hours 10 minutes film could have been better if it was 20 minutes shorter Anees Bazmee does what he does best and gives us another leave your brains at home film this horror comedy has a lot of burial humor and not much horror while i cans it through slapstick jokes what did not sit right with me were the sexist and fat shaming jokes in the film are west ill doing those and when karthik says (log sahi khatay hai aurat naa marnay kay baad bhi picha nahi chorti) or when he calls this little kid (haati suaar) and quickly changes us to sure well i guess if i was expecting more from the film the joke's on me well now let's talk about manjuleka's makeup in the film i cracked up just like her makeup every time she was on the screen you know when you put this white face mask and leave it on for one too many hours well that's a look so if you ever want to try it you know what you have to do i jumped in my seat only twice through the film so don't expect too many jump scares from this one bhool bhulaiyaa 2 is an average film kiara is a delight to watch while rajpal yadav and sanjay mishra make you laugh or smile well depending on your sensibilities every time they are on screen however the star of the film is taboo a two-time national film award winner who steals the show watch it for her and watch it for a few funny moments our rating 2.5 coins out of 5.

Directors:- Anees Bazmee Pankaj Kumar
Writers:- Aakash Kaushik (dialogue) Farhad Samji (dialogue)
Stars:- Kiara Advani Kartik Aaryan Tabu
IMDb RATING:- 7.4/10




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