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 When a enough miss in torture comes knocking at your door, you answer. At least, ace author Tahir Wazir (Arjan Bajwa) does. Brassy and full of hubris. An unpretentious Meetu Mathur’s (Shruti Haasan) small- city sensibilities — especially her God-esque devotion towards him — feeds his pride and how! Without farther ado, the desi belle snappily makes it to his house, and ultimately, bedroom. Contemporaneously, his announcement filmmaker woman Mayanka (Gauhar Khan) is growing uncomfortably near to her rearmost hire, intern Parth Acharya (Satyajeet Dubey). Soon, the inescapably complex connections prove to be a rich ground for dishonesty and malignancy. Who’s the player and who’s being played? Ravi Subramanian’s engaging suspenser lands an Amazon Prime Video adaption, sans any commitment to rendering justice to its origin. The most entertaining aspect of suspensers is that in the first many twinkles, or occurrences in case of web shows, there’s a clear suggestion of what the unborn looks like, cinematically. And, grounded on the first four occurrences that we've watched of ‘Bestseller’, it isn't looking good for director Mukul Abhyankar and Co. To begin with, any decent suspenser keeps the element of conspiracy under wraps for as long as creatively possible, without, of course, compromising with the inflow of the history. Then, beforehand on, with little to nearly no trouble, any addict of the kidney can prognosticate the unborn course of events bad news for those involved. Secondly, the background music makes or breaks riddle- suspensers and easily, not a lot of attention was paid to that. Again, a poor move on the part of the makers. What ‘Bestseller’does have working in its favour are the actors. Shruti Haasande-glams for Meetu Mathur and after a many original moments of discomfort in front of the camera, her act picks up pace. Also, Bajwa drops the melodramatic bits of his on- screen persona after the first two occurrences and gets into the skin of Tahir Wazir the man, the ( pride) maniac. Mithoon Chakraborty plays the part of a top bobby who should have been given a stronger, more serious part to portray and not the sad daddy jokes- mouthing ACP Pramanik. Maybe the only other actor who's a misfit in this dark cerebral suspenser is Satyajeet Dubey as Parth. The youthful actor’s simple appearance and kind eyes doesn’t mix well with the personality traits he tries to achieve with his layered part. ‘Bestseller’is a moral lecture, and it wants to inseminate this belief into your system — that there’s no‘ absolute’ verity to any story. The schoolteacher, still, takes a beaten path for its donation.

Stars:-Mithun Chakraborty Arjan Bajwa Shruti Haasan
IMDb RATING:- 5.9/10














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