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  Apharan 2


Apharan 2 has just released on an OTT platform history, on the 18th of March. This desi asset suspenser series features Arunoday Singh, Nidhi Singh, Saanand Varma and Snehil Mehra in vital places. Directed by Santosh Singh, the show is backed by Jio Studios and Tanveer Bookwala and is created by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. After a successful and amusing first season, suckers had been eagerly staying for season 2. Although it has only been a day since the premiere of the show, observers are formerly out with their verdict on Twitter. One stoner took to Twitter and wrote “ Just love this show was formerly a addict from season 1 but this time it made me its bones hard addict as the product is top notch too”. Another addict twittered, “ It has impact, suspenser, suspension each over this is completely a masterpiece”. Coming to the show, Apharan 2 follows the story of Rudra Shrivastava (Arunoday), a elderly Inspector. This season, he's back and so is the madness girding his particular and professional life. With the prospect of paying for the treatment of Rudra’s addict woman, Ranjana (Nidhi Singh), the Research and Analysis Wing ( RAW) sends him on a secret charge to Serbia, to hunt down and‘ abduct’one Bikram Bahadur Singh, or BBS, a wanted miscreant who has created an uproar by killing 9 Indian RAW agents in one month. What happens in Rudra’s life as he sets bottom in the foreign country, becomes the plot of Santosh Singh’s 11- occasion series.

Creator:-Siddharth Sengupta (additional screenplay)
Stars:-Arunoday Singh Nidhi Singh Saanand Verma
IMDB Rating:- 8.7/10





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