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 American Siege


American seeds a film that is written and directed by edward drakeand it stars everybody's favorite actor these days brucy willis we have rob goff uhtimothy v who is it murphyand we also have johan erb and anna hinderman now this film focuses on three individuals one of them just gets out of prison after being in prison for ten years and another is a brother and sister and they essentially go to the local best i can figure out the local doctors to find out what happened to the sister of one of of two of them and the girlfriend of one of them who went missing 10 years ago they've been desperately trying to find out what happened to her for all this time no nothing no news but they know something sinister has happened and for some reason they know that this doctor is involved so they they lay siege to this house hold this doctor hostage brucey turns up who's the local sheriff and the the head guy who runs the town Charles orders bruce will is to deal with it quickly he doesn't so he sends in the local militia to deal with it that is my thoughts on american siege
Cast:-Bruce Willis
         Rob Gough
         Timothy V. Murphy
         Johann Urb
         Johnny Messner
Release date:-January 7, 2022
Director:-Edward Drake
Writers:-Edward Drake (screenplay) Corey Large (story)













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