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I want you to hit me as hard as you can jimmy oh then from joe blow taking a look at ambulance now one of my favourite effects about the rearmost from michael bay is the way he explores the megacity of los angeles it's actually a blast to see numerous of the thoroughfares i take daily yet with that insane visual style of the action director it's also instigative to see the filmmaker return to commodity besides buses that turn into robots ambulance is grounded on the 2005 danish film with the same name yet add to that bae's usual inordinate action explosions and swirling camera work and you have a 2 hour and 15 nanosecond chase give or take it's occasionally engaging further than a little stupid but it's generally a decent time watching jake gyllenhaal and yaya abdulmatine ii moronically try and overrun every police officer in L.A while holding iza gonzalez and an unlucky officer played by jackson white hostage not a good plan fell as yaya abdul mateenthe second is will right he is a good man that's desperately trying to make his way through the red vid of health care it seems his woman is veritably sick and needs surgery that they can not go and the insurance just will not cover it in a last- gutter trouble to seek help for his family we'll ask his veritably rich and consanguineous family danny played by gyllenhaal for help and help he gives but not in the way one would want danny convinces will to swatch in and help roba bank for millions and millions and millions of bones it's a parlous move easily will is convinced way too fluently and they do the deed with a bunch of mugs when effects go predictably bad both danny and will make quick flight and stop an ambulance carrying a wounded officer that is smart guys the family stake both the bobby and emt camthompson played by gonzalez hosted leading them all on an insane chase through the thoroughfares of sunny California let's start with the emblem shall we this is a really dumb movie for a many for one it's a bit insolvable to believe in the environment of the film that will would make similar terrible choices the mortal factor of a sick woman conceivably not making it and leaving him each alone with a baby you might suppose he would make a little lower dumb choices in fact nearly every choice made by every character then's questionable indeed with references to the veritably true and veritably violent north Bollywood bank of america thievery which passed in 1997 there's veritably little then that's actually credible every attempt at anything ever serious feels a bit ridiculous and silly as big as the action is and as unexpectedly horrible as it gets the operation scene is meddled up and the violence is sometimes violent in this rated film it still feels slightly long by the time the credits roll as silly and lame as it can get you can not help but appreciate both gyllenhaal and abdul mateen ii the two work really well together and jake has a chance to play a flashy character that in lower hands may have simply been annoying but the real mvp then's miss gonzalez as deep as they essay to make the aft stories for each of the characters it's only miss gonzalez that ever conveys an honest sense of who she's supposed to be the actress is tough when necessary vulnerable when demanded and she makes for a attractive and engaging leading lady if it had not been for her emotional performance the movie would have suffered a little bit from the inordinate asininity and when all three are together bay manages to bring in that redundant energy demanded to keep this thing substantially moving on really well another treat that this film offers happens to be a sprinkle of side characters that are kind of delightful garrettdilli quest is ridiculously entertainin gas captain monroe jackson white is extremely likable as a bobby dragged along for the dangerous lift and olivia stambolia brings a nice position of serious humor to the blend as assistant zaig is easily having a blast as a assistant that keeps busting the balls of captain monroe and eventually colin woodle steals nearly every scene he is in he is ridiculous he is really funny he plays the mate to cam and he is a joy to watch I loved his performance michael bay has a good eye for creating a fun supporting cast and his rearmost is a perfect illustration of that hourly these guys stole the glory from the family plot now if you are looking for big thunderclaps you will get a many then not inescapably as numerous as you'd suppose you know we are not looking at mills position but you get it if you want that swirling shot as the actors prove just how cool they're as they plan the crime you've got that as well this is a michael bay film through and through in fact at times it's so veritably michael bay that you'd swear it was a parody of one of his flicks every time the camera twists and dives off a structure only to jump into the action it's hard not to feel a sense of wonder and megrim and perhaps a sense of ah really but you know bae is good come on let's be real and while it can be easy to play down his appeal it's hard to suppose of another director that can make it work as well as he does ambulance it's not his stylish film but there is enough then to at least entertain those that dig his fustian style you can check out ambulance in theaters in imax on april 8th and for my review i am giving this film a 6 out of10.

 Director:- Michael Bay
Writers:- Chris Fedak (screenplay) Laurits Munch-Petersen (based on the film "Ambulancen" written by) Lars Andreas Pedersen (based on the film "Ambulancen" written by)
Stars:- Jake Gyllenhaal Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIEiza González
IMDB Rating:- 6.4/10



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